VATIKA Moisture Treatment Almond And Honey Conditioner (400 ml)

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Dabur Vatika almond & honey conditioner is crafted with the goodness of natural ingredients that add to your healthy looking hair. Loaded with honey and almond essential oils, the hair conditioner surely promises to control frizz, hair fall, dryness and flaky scalp. Extremely nourishing, the Dabur conditioner when massaged into the scalp adds to the elasticity of the hair while preventing tangling.

No-rinse leave in conditioner, it hydrates dull and distressed hair for a shiny finish 

Extremely nourishing, the Dabur conditioner is loaded with almond and honey that softens and rebuilds the texture of your hair 

The conditioner aids in removing the tangles to prevent hair fall and dryness  

Stimulates hair growth and densifies your hair when massaged gently post shampoo 

Best conditioner to moisturize the hair deeply for long hours 

Prevents Frizz & Fall: Say hello to soft and healthy looking hair using the Dabur Vatika almond and honey conditioner. Enriched with the benefits of honey and almond, the conditioner, when massaged into the scalp, promises a deep nourishment.

Fights Dandruff & Flakiness: For preventing hair fall and hair thinning, the Dabur conditioner is loaded with honey and almond oil that greatly prevents dryness and promotes a boost in hair growth. 

Moisture Locked: The Dabur hair conditioner aids in locking the moisture for long hours when massaged into the scalp gently that prevents frizz and tangling. 

Strong Hair: Ingredients like almond and honey aid in strengthening the hair strands which further aids in increasing the elasticity and boosting a healthy hair growth.

Country of origin : UAE

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