V Wash Expert Intimate HYGIENE ph3.5 Enriched with Oil Sea Buckthorn Oil & Tea Tree Oil Liquid Wash 200ml

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V Wash

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Product Description

Elevate your intimate hygiene routine with the V Wash Expert Intimate Hygiene Liquid Wash in a convenient 200ml size. Formulated with a pH level of 3.5, this gentle yet effective wash is enriched with the nourishing properties of Sea Buckthorn Oil and the soothing essence of Tea Tree Oil. Specifically crafted for the unique needs of the intimate area, it offers balanced and refreshing cleansing.

About this Item

  1. Optimal pH Balance: V Wash Expert maintains a pH level of 3.5, providing optimal conditions for the intimate area. This helps prevent irritation and discomfort while supporting a healthy and balanced environment.

  2. Enriched with Sea Buckthorn Oil: The inclusion of Sea Buckthorn Oil brings nourishing and moisturizing benefits. It helps hydrate and soothe the delicate skin of the intimate area, promoting overall comfort.

  3. Tea Tree Oil Soothing Essence: Infused with Tea Tree Oil, known for its calming properties, the wash offers a soothing and refreshing experience, contributing to a sense of cleanliness and well-being.

  4. Gentle and Effective Cleansing: V Wash Expert ensures gentle yet effective cleansing, removing impurities and odor-causing bacteria to maintain intimate hygiene.

  5. 200ml Size for Extended Use: The 200ml size provides an ample supply, allowing for extended use and ensuring that your intimate care needs are met over a more extended period.

  6. Dermatologically Tested: Dermatologically tested for safety and suitability for intimate use, V Wash Expert meets the standards of sensitive skin, providing peace of mind with every use.

  7. Everyday Use: Suitable for daily use, V Wash Expert is designed to become a regular part of your intimate care routine, promoting cleanliness and freshness consistently.

  8. Hygienic Flip-Top Cap: The wash features a hygienic flip-top cap, ensuring easy and mess-free dispensing while maintaining the hygiene and integrity of the product.

  9. Cruelty-Free and Paraben-Free: Committed to ethical standards, V Wash Expert is crafted as a cruelty-free and paraben-free formulation, aligning with quality and environmental considerations.

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