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Whitening Facial Kit: The Super spacial combination of rare Whitening agents gives the beautiful luster the skin. Which evens the tones of the skin and along with gives the super rich glow on the face. Step 1: Cotton cleansing with moist cotton. Step 2: Take 1 teaspoon of whitening cleansing gel apply on the face and give galvanic -ve current for 5 minutes to deep clean the skin. ( without galvanic machine-massage 10 minutes with your fingertips.) so skin can achieve the maximum results. Step 3: Take 1 teaspoon of whitening scrub. Apply on the face and give steam for 3 to 5 minutes on top of it so the dead cells can loosen up. After giving the steam give massage with gentle pressure so that the dead cells. can come out. Step 4: Whitening scrub wipe it off. Now do the removal of blackheads and whiteheads if required. Step 5: Take teaspoon of whitening massage gel. Apply on the face and give a relaxing massage for 10minutes. So the skin can calm down after the irritation of extraction. Step 6: Without wiping of whitening massage gel, take wine massage cream, apply on the face and give soothing massage on skin .so client can relax gently. After relaxing. Massage wipes it off. Step 7: Apply the whitening face pack and leave it for 15-20minutes. After that wash it off. And apply the Nandini SPF 30 and finish the treatment.

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