NANDINI Herbal Marine Algae Oily Skin Peel of Mask 30GM

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About this item
Nandini Herbal Marine Algae Peel Of Mask for Oily Skin
Item Form : Powder
Product Benefits : Antioxidant,Exfoliating
Scent Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Neem
Skin Type : Oily
Net Quantity : 30.0 gram
Number of Items :1
Recommended Uses For : Product Exfoliating
Material Feature Antioxidant
Active Ingredients : Tea tree

Important information

Safety Information:

 For External Use Only


 Take a bowl and Spatula, Add 65-75ml Water and 25gm of Powder for per application, mix both the components vigorously till it forms a even thick paste, Apply a thick layer of paste all over the face covering the neck, Allow the mask and wipe your face with wet cloth to get a clean glowing skin, For consistent results apply the cream peel off mask twice a week

 Product description

 Nandini Herbal Marine Algae Peel Of Mask contains Neem , Eucalyptus, and Tea Tree. Neem-Potent exfoliating ingredients work together to deeply exfoliate and unclog pores, removing a buildup of dead skin cells. Reduces the appearance of blemishes.

Eucalyptus- A powerful antioxidant which may prevent the process of lipid oxidation in the acne development process.

Tea Tree-Works to reduce the excess sebum production which can lead to the formation of acne & pimple,

MARINE ALGAE-Naturally grows in salt lakes with a salinity nine times higher than regular seawater Exposed to harsh environmental conditions, the micro-algae produces high levels of energy through photosynthesis Alage helps the complexion appears more luminous and fresh-taced. Helps to moisturize, leading to a firmer and more supple feeling skirl. The building blocks of healthy, younger-looking skin are Composed of a number of trace elements such as calcium zinc and magnesium, effective in improving the overall appearance of the skin. It absorbs both oil and water making it a good all round base Promotes Lipolysis to break down fatty deposits

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