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NANDINI Herbal Marine Algae Gold Peek of Mask 30GM

NANDINI Herbal Marine Algae Gold Peek of Mask 30GM

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About this item
Nandini Herbal Marine Alage Peel Off Mask Gold
Item Form : Powder
Product Benefits : Nourishing
Skin Type : All
Net Quantity : 30.0 gram
Number of Items : 1
Active Ingredients : Lactic acid
Use for : Face

Important information

Safety Information:

 For External Use Only


 Take a bowl and Spatula, Add 65-75ml Water and 25gm of Powder for per application, mix both the components vigorously till it forms a even thick paste, Apply a thick layer of paste all over the face covering the neck, Allow the mask and wipe your face with wet cloth to get a clean glowing skin, For consistent results apply the cream peel off mask twice a week

 Product description

 Nandini Herbal Marine Algae Peel off Mask Gold contains Lactic Acid and Swarn Bhasm. Lactic Acid is a Natural active that helps support and calm skin after having been exhausted by oxidative stress

Swarn Bhasm is Shown to have a significant inhibiting action against Tyrosinase, the enzyme responsible for melanin production. This means it is great at minimizing age spots and hyperpigmentation. It is also known to be excellent at nourishing and smoothing skin.

MARINE ALGAE-Naturally grows in salt lakes with a salinity nine times higher than regular seawater Exposed to harsh environmental conditions, the micro-algae produces high levels of energy through photosynthesis Alage helps the complexion appears more luminous and fresh-taced. Helps to moisturize, leading to a firmer and more supple feeling skirl. The building blocks of healthy, younger-looking skin are Composed of a number of trace elements such as calcium zinc and magnesium, effective in improving the overall appearance of the skin. It absorbs both oil and water making it a good all round base Promotes Lipolysis to break down fatty deposits


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