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Majestic Perfumes

Majestic Perfumes Souvenir Meraki 100ml

Majestic Perfumes Souvenir Meraki 100ml

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"Majestic Perfumes Souvenir Meraki 100ml":

  1. Majestic Perfumes Souvenir Meraki 100ml: Embrace the essence of wanderlust and the spirit of adventure with Majestic Perfumes Souvenir Meraki 100ml, a fragrance that captures the memories of exotic travels and cherished moments.

  2. Exotic Citrus: This fragrance opens with a burst of exotic citrus notes, including zesty bergamot and refreshing mandarin, creating a bright and invigorating introduction that awakens the senses.

  3. Oceanic Breeze: Intertwined with the citrusy notes are hints of oceanic accords, evoking the sensation of a cool sea breeze and adding a touch of freshness and vitality to the composition.

  4. Floral Harmony: In the heart of this fragrance, delicate floral notes of jasmine and neroli bloom, blending with hints of aromatic herbs, creating a harmonious and uplifting bouquet that celebrates nature's beauty.

  5. Sandalwood Warmth: A base of warm sandalwood and amber provides a comforting and grounding element to the fragrance, adding depth and longevity while leaving a subtle and inviting trail.

  6. Long-Lasting Memories: Majestic Perfumes Souvenir Meraki 100ml offers long-lasting wear, ensuring that you carry the memories of your adventures with you throughout the day, inspiring a sense of wanderlust and nostalgia.

  7. Versatile Wanderer: Whether worn during outdoor escapades, beach getaways, or everyday moments, Majestic Perfumes Souvenir Meraki adapts effortlessly to any setting, making it a versatile and essential fragrance for the modern wanderer.

  8. Chic Bottle Design: Packaged in a chic and travel-inspired bottle, Majestic Perfumes Souvenir Meraki 100ml not only delights the senses but also adds a touch of adventure and sophistication to your fragrance collection.

Top Note: Jasmine, Yiang-Yiang Myth

Middle Note: Rose, Black Pepper

Bottom Note: Leather, Musk


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