MAJESTIC PERFUMES Ameer al dahab 100ML

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Majestic Perfumes

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Embrace the majestic allure of MAJESTIC PERFUMES Ameer al Dahab, a fragrance that embodies the essence of golden luxury. This 100ml bottle holds a treasure trove of opulent notes, opening with a captivating blend of exotic spices and citrus accords that awaken the senses. As the fragrance settles, the heart reveals a rich and velvety bouquet of floral and woody notes, adding depth and complexity to the composition. Finally, warm and sensual base notes of amber and musk create a lasting impression that is both regal and enchanting. MAJESTIC PERFUMES Ameer al Dahab is a symbol of wealth and refinement, perfect for those who seek a scent that is as precious as gold itself.

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