Kryolan Supracolor Foundation Fs38 4ml

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Product Description

Introducing Kryolan Supracolor Foundation in the shade FS38, a powerful foundation in a convenient 4ml size that's your key to achieving a flawless complexion and unleashing your creative makeup talents. Elevate your makeup game and achieve a flawless complexion with Kryolan Supracolor Foundation in shade FS38. Whether you're a professional makeup artist creating captivating looks for clients or an individual seeking to enhance your daily makeup routine, this foundation offers exceptional coverage, long-lasting wear, and versatility to express your unique beauty and creativity.

About this Item

  1. Unparalleled Coverage: Kryolan Supracolor Foundation in FS38 provides impeccable and full coverage, effectively concealing blemishes, imperfections, and uneven skin tone. It creates a flawless canvas for your makeup, ensuring a smooth and even finish.

  2. Rich Pigmentation: Renowned for its exceptional pigmentation, this foundation delivers intense color payoff with minimal product application. You'll achieve the desired coverage with just a small amount of product, making it both efficient and cost-effective.

  3. Versatile Application: Supracolor is a multi-purpose product that goes beyond foundation. It can be used as a concealer, contouring product, or even as a base for special effects makeup, allowing you to explore a wide range of creative makeup looks.

  4. Long-Lasting: Formulated for longevity, this foundation stays in place for extended periods without smudging, fading, or creasing. Your makeup remains fresh and vibrant, whether it's for a day at work or an evening out.

  5. Customizable Texture: The creamy and blendable texture of Supracolor Foundation gives you control over the level of coverage. It's buildable, enabling you to achieve sheer to full coverage while maintaining a natural, skin-like finish.

  6. Wide Shade Range: Kryolan offers an extensive selection of shades, including FS38, to cater to various skin tones. You can easily find your perfect match or mix shades for a customized look that complements your complexion.

  7. Professional-Grade Quality: Makeup artists worldwide rely on Kryolan for its professional-grade quality and performance. Supracolor Foundation ensures that you achieve the best results in makeup artistry, whether you're in front of the camera or on the stage.

  8. Dermatologically Tested: Kryolan places a strong emphasis on the compatibility of their products with different skin types. Supracolor Foundation is dermatologically tested, making it suitable for sensitive skin.

  9. Effortless Application: The creamy consistency of this foundation makes it easy to apply and blend smoothly onto the skin. It's user-friendly, allowing for efficient and precise makeup application.

  10. Cruelty-Free: Kryolan is committed to ethical practices and does not conduct animal testing. You can enjoy Supracolor Foundation with the confidence that it's cruelty-free.

Country of Origin : Germany

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