KINGDOM CARES KD 233 Hot Mist Facial Steamer 280 W

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Description of product

1. Generate superfine nano scale hot steam in seconds, easily absorbed through skin, and moisturize skin more quickly
2. Open and unclog your pores, allow you to remove dirt, oil and grime from your skin and can be used as an alternative to exfoliating scrubs and chemical peels
3. Besides skin care, the steamer can also be used for interior humidifying in a powerful and efficient way
4. This new facial steamer is a must for optimal skin care. A great alternative to harsh scrubs and soaps, using steam is an efficient and healthy way to cleanse pores.
5. Even after makeup removal and regular cleansing, the skin still has debris trapped underneath multiple laye The Facial Steamer allows those layers to be accessed by using a nano-ionic steam to open pores and purify skin from within.

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