BEARDO Freed Marina Bae - 80ml

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Product Description

Freed fragrance is a distinctly strong & long lasting perfume for women who want to own the room & make their presence felt. The perfect concoction of strong top notes, intense middle notes, and lingering bottom notes along with a lasting 80ml quantity make the perfume last longer than most (men *wink* and perfumes, deo, body mist for women alike.

 About This Item 

  • An intense aquatic based aromatic fragrance with unmatched notes of bergamot & patchouli blended beautifully with water notes- that give this a dangerously fresh edge.
  • Zesty luminous accents make the scent an addictive, intoxicating one.
  • The richness of essential oils in Freed’s Marina Bae Eau De parfum Intense gives it a leg up in intensity and strength as compared toexisting lightweight female fragrances.

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