Beardo Ice Blast Menthol cooling Facewash For Men 100 ml

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Start the day with an INSTANT BLAST of freshness: Beardo's ice blast facewash gives you the most refreshing part of your day. Powered by icy cool menthol this is JUST the kick you need!
BEAT the HEAT- Ice blast face wash is Beardo's answer to the HOT prickly summer heat. BEAT the HEAT like a BEARDO! Boosted with the INSTANT COOLING effects of menthol it leaves you feeling icy and minty fresh for longer.
Reduces your temperature INSTANTLY - Don't just feel cooler once, get LONG LASTING MAX COOLING with Cool Lock technology which not only locks your cool for longer, it also controls oil production which helps to reduce excessive sweating, and leaves you feeling icy COOL
MADE FOR MEN - Unlike regular bodywashes, Beardo- the male grooming experts have a cooling facewash made EXCLUSIVELY for you!

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