Beardo Beard and Hair Growth Oil - 50 ml

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Product Description

Beardo Beard and Hair Growth Oil is formulated keeping in mind the all-round hair and beard maintenance. Beardo uses natural ingredients like Hibiscus Oil, Coconut Oil and Amla amongst others to ensure all round care for your precious mane. Revitalize your facial hair and enhance scalp growth with Beardo Beard and Hair Growth Oil.​

About this Item

  • REDUCE BEARD PATCHES & SPOTTINESS: Beardo’s Beard and Hair growth oil contains vegetable protein which strengthens hair fibres for a fuller, thicker beard
  • SCIENTIFICALLY ENGINEERED for growth with NATURAL ingredients: Contains zinc which boosts testosterone which in turn boosts a faster and more even growth.
  • Get a STRONGER, FULLER beard: This oil contains vitamin B6 which assists in strengthening of hair follicles
  • STIMULATE INACTIVE HAIR FOLLICLES: The copper peptides in the beard growth oil improve blood circulation of the hair follicles for better growth.

Country of Origin : India

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