Whisper Bindazz Nights XXL+ 16s Sanitary pads (16 Pcs)

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Stay protected throughout the night with Whisper Bindazzz Nights Sanitary Pads. These pads are nearly 60% longer than ordinary pads for leak-free nights. It comes with soft Dri-weave top sheet so you can feel dry for long and catch a peaceful night's sleep. It comes with Dual Action gel which turns liquid into gel. Additionally, it also imparts a fresh scent for extra protection against odour. Whisper Bindazzz Nights are designed especially for overnight use, so you can sleep comfortable and easy knowing that you are protected.


Whisper Bindazzz Nights Sanitary Pads for all-night comfort and freshness
Dri-weave top cover absorbs in seconds to give you leak-free and dry nights
Dual action gel that locks wetness and neutralises odour
Nearly 60% longer* and wider for extra protection
Has a delightful scent which keeps you fresh

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