WELLA Professionals Luminous Oil Reflections Smoothing Oil 100ml

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Gain smooth and shiny hair in 30 seconds with Wella Professionals Oil Reflections Luminous Instant Conditioner. Professional conditioner locks moisture inside the hair structure, leaving it conditioned and luminous. Owing to camellia oil and white tea extract content this Wella conditioner provides silky smoothing effect.

Wella Professionals offers high performance hair care that you can experience with your senses. Oil Reflections by Wella Professionals was designed to instantly reveal the beautiful, natural reflections of hair colour, making hair light and supply.

About This Item

  • Helps to protect hair cuticles from free radicals
  • Hair surface is cleansed from impurities and protected from minerals
  • Replenishes for the right moisture balance
  • Hair is left soft and nourished
  • Enhances light reflection
  • Natural lipid layer is protected from degeneration for a smooth and reflective hair surface.


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