Vlcc Almond Under Eye Cream Skin Defense 15g

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Your eyes are the most beautiful gift from god and you must make an effort to take care of it. VLCC comes with Almond Under Eye Cream Skin Defense the perfect caretaker. Suitable for men and women to comfort their eyes. The VLCC Almond Under Eye Cream Skin Defense is enriched with ingredients like chamomile extract, wheat germ oil, almond oil, olive oil and vitamin E. Also, chamomile extract will add a cooling effect to your eyes. Olive oil will soothe your eyes and add the accurate amount of moisture to your eye contour area. Besides the eye contour area, this natural Almond Under Eye Cream Skin Defense will leave it hydrated. You need not worry if this Eye Cream suits your skin, as it suits all skin types. Additionally, this VLCC Under Eye Cream will help reduce dark circles and tone your skin. With the unique formulation of all the active ingredients, the skin around your eyes is sure to be protected from environmental pollution. You can bid farewell to your eye puffiness, after using this Organic Under Eye Cream.

Expiry Date : June 2024

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