THE PLANT BASED CO. Bubble Bath-Grapefruit with Elderberry extract 500ml

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Product Desription

Creating Plant Based Bubbles with soothing elderberry extract which is also environmentally friendly.Since we are a plant based product our bubbles come alive by pouring under vigorously running water or by agitating the bubbles with your hands. Make Your Bath full of Bubbles.

About This Item 

  • Expertly crafted to provide a soothing and aromatic bathing experience, this bubble bath embraces the relaxation lavender brings.
  • Suitable for all bathers, offering a calming and indulgent addition to your daily routine.
  • A premium choice for those who value self-care moments that promote serenity and relaxation.
  • Ideal for anyone seeking the calming benefits of lavender in their everyday bathing ritual.

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