SUNSILK Green Tea and White Lily Freshness Hair Shampoo 195 ml

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Product Description

Every time you step out your hair is exposed to the harsh elements of the environment like pollution, dust and dirt that can make your hair sticky, sweaty and dirty, leaving them looking dry and unhealthy.Presenting New Sunsilk Green Tea and White Lily Freshness Shampoo. This newly launched shampoo by Sunsilk is infused with natural ingredients like green tea and white lily. Its exclusive formula nourishes your hair giving you long-lasting fragrance. It purifies your hair leaving it feeling fresh. Green tea is known for its antioxidant and refreshing properties. White lily has been cultivated since antiquity and is known for its exquisite scent.

About This Item

  • Experience a hair care regime that makes your hair vibrant, feeling fresH. 
  • Itgives your hair a fragrance that blooms.
  • This shampoo fits the bill when your hair needs some loving.
  • So experience the rich and long lasting fragrance and get beautiful purified fresh feeling hair with the New Sunsilk Green Tea and White Lily Freshness Shampoo Now.

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