RENEE Fab 3in1 Eyeshadow 4.5gm

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We know there’s a makeup artist hidden inside everyone who’s dying to come out and create a look that’s nothing less than a masterpiece. With RENÉE’s FAB 3 in 1 eyeshadow stick, we bring the most powerful and convenient tool that your hidden artist needs. It is a gorgeous stick that puts together the magical shades of Paradise, Venus and Blossom, in a single pack. While Paradise reflects the richness of rose gold, Venus remains true to its name and adds a hot pop of copper to your eyelids, and Blossom works its charm by highlighting your eyes with a cherry like shade of pink. Each of these colors are highly pigmented and very easy to blend, leaving a smooth finish. It is paraben-free and filled with the goodness of shea butter, jojoba oil and vitamin E that brings out the creaminess and enhances the depth of the hues. FAB 3 in 1 eyeshadow contains every shade that you need to create a flawless look that gets everybody’s jaw dropping. You can even call it a pack of convenience since it consists of three majestic shades, so you can say goodbye to carrying different products for different eye makeup needs. Just put this easy to carry artistic tool in your bag and get ready for some eye romance with soft mattes and creamy metallics.

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