Pilgrim Volcanic Lava Ash Face Scrub With Yugdugu & White Lotus 100g

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There are scrubs and then there is THE SCRUB! Its extra-fine particles and the pillowy texture feels like a treat rather than a boring exfoliation process. It gently foams and sloughs off the dead skin cells, superficial blackheads and whiteheads to reveal the softest skin, which feels so supple that its difficult to keep hands off it. The Volcanic Lava Ash, Yugdugu and White Lotus work synergistically to reduce pigmentation, discolourations, fine lines, suntan and improves the skins' elasticity over time. In no time your skin will be thanking you for it but you can thank us later.

About this Item

  • DISCOVER BRIGHT SKIN: This brightening facial mask & pack removes toxins and impurities, helps in skin whitening, reduces pores to tighten skin & nourishes to reveal bright looking skin with a radiant complexion. It leaves the skin feeling soft, well hydrated & imparts freshness
  • ABSORBS & REDUCES EXCESS OIL: This perfect blend of super ingredients including Lava Ash, Yugdugu & White Lotus gets straight to the work and is efficient in removing dead skin cells, tan, dirt and toxins to soft skin and impart freshness. It detoxifies the skin by absorbing excess oils from the skin's surface and deep within pores. Perfect for reducing wrinkles and fine lines on the face
  • PERFECT INGREDIENTS THAT YOUR SKIN DESERVES: VOLCANIC LAVA ASH, YUGDUGU AND WHITE LOTUS: Unlock complete skin care with Volcanic Lava Ash Face Mask. Not only does it cleans pores by gently drawing out oils and toxins, it also provides necessary nourishment and is anti pollution. Boosted with Yugdugu and White Lotus, it provides skin with a natural glow, leaving it clear, bright and fresh

Country of Origin : India

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