OZIVA Inner Glo Skin Brightening Face Wash Improved Radiance & Ph Balance 100 ml

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OZiva Inner Gl? Skin Brightening Face Wash is a highly beneficial skin brightening face wash that provides your skin visible glow and freshness because of its potent plant-based ingredients. It also gently exfoliates while balancing your pH levels leaving your skin feeling radiant, soft and refreshed Improved Radiance & pH balance based on clinically proven data. 1. Reduce pigmentation with White Peony Extract. 2. Restore skin barrier function and inhibit melanin formation by supporting the growth of new skin cells with Chinese Skullcap and Yuzu Extract. 3. Brighten skin tone with Turmeric Oil. 4.Lessen existing pigmentation with Saffron Oil. 5. Help skin to repair itself and correct visible damage with rich antioxidants present in Vitamin E.

Origin of country: India

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