BEAUTY GARAGE Professional Botoplexx Conditioner Damage Repair K9 300 ml

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Beauty Garage Professional

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Product Description

Concentrated Botoplexx Conditioner Provides superior protection, nourishes, hydrates and strengthens the hair.Restores split ends, breakage and treats dryness using moisture rich ingredients like argan oil and shea butter.After shampooing, massage well onto washed hair, leave on for few minutes then rinse thoroughly. Repeat if desired.

About This Item

  • Botoplexx shampoo can be used after any type of treatment like Botoplexx, Kera shine, keratin or any type of chemical treatment.It is free from sulfate, phosphate, and paraben
  • It is very intense, and smells great mixture of shea and argan oil.
  • It has even a plexx quality in shampoo and conditioner it will increase your hair elasticity.
  • Guaranteed results , after using these shampoo and conditioner regular, your treatment durability will increase .

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