Lotus Make-Up DivineDEW Herbal SINDOOR

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Vermillion for Indian women is much more than just a cosmetic ritual. It is sacred according to the Hindu tradition and is donned by the women to ensure the well being of their husband and marital bliss. Vermillion is originally made up of cinnabar powder which is an ore of mercury. It is dark red in colour and when applied along the hairline for a prolonged period, the mineral turns the area dark and damages both the skin and the hair. But the Lotus Herbals DivineDew Herbal Sindoor/b is made of botanical extracts and helps protect your hair and skin from getting damaged./p The Lotus Herbal Sindoor/b is available in two distinct colours, Rosy Blush and Divine Dew. Rosy Blush is a bright red shade which looks best on newlyweds. The fancy sindoor has a muddy texture and comes in a compact bottle with a sponge applicator to prevent spillage. It is 100% natural and made out of herbal components which won’t harm your skin and hair even if you wear it 24x7. It is free from all toxins and Lotus/b doesn’t add any chemical to enhance the colour so even if the dust accidentally gets into your eyes, you do not need to worry. The compact and stylish bottle is very easy and convenient to carry in your purse. In case you suddenly need to go anywhere, you can just take out the bottle and dab it on. The bottle with 8g of vermillion is sure to last you for months./p

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