KT Professional Kehairtherapy Charcoal & Keratin Hair Masque 250ml

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KT Professional

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KT Cleansing Charcoal & Keratin Masque helps get your scalp of all things dirty with this invigorating multi functional treatment masque. It exfoliates, soothes, and balances your hair through a blend of natural extracts. Packed with a gentle plant-derived keratin infusion anda it aged charcoal cleanser to remove buildup and conditioning agents for itch-free smoothness. The masque scrub is sulphate free and a great addition to the wash day routine for those who shampoo less frequently.
Exfoliate, remove undesirable build up & flakes to achieve healthier & cleaner scalp. Gently removes depositions and soothes flaky scalp to give you improve hair texture with refreshed natural hair colour.

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