Jovees Sandalwood Sun Cover Cream SPF 30 100gm

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Jovees water based Sun Block developed scientifically using the modern production techniques that help to preserve the integrity of herbs thus ensuring formation of a thin layer over the skin which protects skin from the harmful effects of UVA & UVB rays. This sweat and water proof sun block with SPF 30 will also help improve skin texture & complexion while maintaining the moisture balance. INGREDIENTS Ficus, Liquorice, Aloe Indica, Sandalwood, Daucus carota and Wheatgerm. HOW TO USE Apply evenly all over face and to the skin exposed to the sun. Leave on. Useful for all skin types. Additional Information: Jovees line of Herbal and Ayurvedic products is result of an extensive research aligning the Power of Herbs and Science.Blending Ayurveda, the oldest Indian indigenous medicine system with new age technology, Jovees offers wide range of innovative products that are made using natural, organic ingredients and are quite effective in results.

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