James Bond 007 Eau De Toilette 75Ml

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James Bond

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Step inside a world of seduction and intrigue. James Bond 007 Signature fragrance for him captures the elusive duality of the 007 character, with a smooth, irresistible mix of masculinity and sophistication.

A modern take on the classic aromatic-fougère fragrance, James Bond 007 Signature Eau de Toilette offers a blend of selected, unmistakably British ingredients. English apple, aromatic cardamom and full-bodied sandalwood bring a modern, sophisticated edge to the virile vibrancy of lavender and moss.

The masculine bottle of dark green-grey studded glass gleams like the grip of 007's iconic Walther PPK pistol. It is fitted with a cleverly designed opening mechanism, a sophisticated touch of which James Bond would surely approve.

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