CABELO CHAVE PROFESSIONAL Argan Oil Conditioner Dry Damage Hair 300 ml

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Designed to give your hair deep moisturization and nourishment, the Cabelo Chave Argan Conditioner is to be used after shampooing to make the hair shinier and give it nourishment for a healthy look. It transforms your hair into a gorgeous, breathtaking view that makes heads turn everywhere you go!


  • Reduces Breakage: This conditioner reduces breakage and enhances hair resilience, ensuring your locks are stronger and better equipped to withstand daily stress.
  • Improved Hair Growth: It stimulates hair growth by improving blood circulation to the scalp, promoting the development of healthier, more robust hair.
  • Effective frizz management: It also minimizes frizz, providing your hair with a smooth, sleek appearance that's easy to manage and style.

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