BIRRA OUD Obsession 50ml

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Product Description

  • Oud obsession edp oud obsession by BIRRA fragrances is another beautiful.
  • Spicy, woody, and sweet fragrance. It's not harsh by any means and is just as much a gourmand as it is an oriental.
  • Today, not only has oud obsession become one of the brand's classics, but it has spawned the brand-new oud collection, built around the core accord of oud and sandalwood.
  • Its a powerful blend of cool spices and smoky woods, softened with a hint of vanilla. The daunting, medicinal and overly animalic facets of oud are toned down, translating the precious agarwood into a darkly elegant element of the perfumer's palette rather than a full-on french-arabian extravaganza.

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes- Lemon & Black Pepper

Middle Notes- Rose, Jasmine, Violet

Base Notes- Vanilla, Amber, White Musk

Country of Origin:  U.A.E

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