BEAUTY GARAGE PROFESSIONAL Pure African Shea Butter Butter 250ml

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Beauty Garage Professional

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Product Description

Advanced Shea-nut-sourced formula treats, repairs and rejuvenates your hair from roots to tips. Our treatment is highlyconcentrated in Shea Butter which naturally contains vitamins A, E, F, amino acids and keratin which boost the production of proteins vital for softening, nourishing and strengthening hair fibers. Your hair becomes healthier, silkily-soft, well-nourished and radiant. 

About this Item

  • The Damage repair retention shea butter was designed to treat, restore and repair hair.
  • it has high concentration of shea butter which naturally contains : vitamins A,E,F amino acids and keratin.
  • The treatment natural keratin will help to create soft shiny hair while amino acids build the proteins needed to repair and replenish dry, damaged hair.
  • Your hair becomes healthier, silkily-soft, well-nourished and radiant
  • Hair Type : Dry and damaged hair with split ends Color-safe.

Country of Origin : India

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