BEAUTY GARAGE Professional 3x Keratin Hair Mask 225 ml

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Beauty Garage Professional

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Product Description

3x Keratin Deep Smoothing Mask is a deeply nourishing hair treatment specially formulated to moisturise tresses while helping to control frizz. Part of the BG 3x Collection, this moisturising hair mask packs five smoothing benefits into one. Fights frizz detangle knots boosts shine add softness and tames fly always.

About This Item 

  • Keratin-infused hair mask for flawlessly smooth and incredibly soft, manageable hair
  • Fights frizz effortlessly, detangles knots, enhances shine, infuses softness, and tames flyaways
  • Luxurious blend of ingredients deeply penetrates hair strands
  • Leaves hair irresistibly smooth and lustrous
  • Suitable for all hair types - curly, wavy, or straight

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