AROMA MAGIC Neem&Tea Tree Anti Pimple Gel 20g

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Aroma Magic

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Product Description

I am a natural gel derived from the extracts of Neem oil and Lavender essential oil. Made from sustainable sources, I make the skin feel tight and calm and have anti-inflammatory properties. The belnd of Aloe vera and Tea Tree in me, unclogs the pores and gives clean and soft skin. I contain Witch Hazel, Niacinamide (5%), and Cucumber Juice to reduce redness and purify skin, making the skin smooth and soft. I am not made of harmful chemicals, parabens, alcohol, artificial fragrance & colour.

About This Item

  • Helps to control pimples and acne

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Unclog pores

  • Reduces redness

  • Purifies skin

Country Of Origin :India

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