ADIDAS Victory League Men Shower Gel, 400 ml

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Attaining a good bathing experience is now made easy with this Victory League Shower Gel from Adidas. This Shower gel is ergonomically designed for men to keep them refreshed throughout the day. The Adidas Victory League Shower Gel can be applied on your body for cleansing your skin and leaving it relaxed. This Adidas is enriched with Guarana extract which will hydrate your skin and balance the moisture.

You can enjoy your shower time using this Victory League Shower Gel, which leaves your skin energized and completely invigorating your senses. To provide you with more comfort this shower gel has a textured grip. This Adidas Victory League will soothe you and give you a boost of freshness after a hard day at work. The pro energy feature of this Adidas Shower Gel will make you fall in love with your skin. The unique energizing fragrance this Shower Gel has will keep you fresh after your daily workout.

Directions for Use

  • Squeeze an adequate amount of this Shower Gel on a wet loofah.
  • Apply gently over your wet body and rinse off.

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