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TopUp delicious Matcha Green Tea Effervescent Tablet Topup green tea effervescent tab is India's first  effervescent green tea tablet. This green tea extract is derived from matcha green tea which is 10x more powerful than regular green tea, making it a perfect drink to improve your wellness. The green tea extract in the top-up green tea effervescent tab contains polyphenol catechins and epigallocatechin gallate (egcg) to help support healthy cells in your body, supporting healthy fat oxidation and strengthening your immune system. So take a sip of a delicious healthy drink anytime with hot or cold water, without the hassle of old-school tea bags hanging around.

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  • Helps boost energy and metabolism: Green tea extract has been shown in various studies to increase fat oxidation at rest and during exercise. Studies also demonstrate a positive effect on resting fat metabolism when it is consumed, both in the shorter term and longer term
  • Helpful in weight management: Components of green tea extract have been shown to reduce body weight and body fat. Studies have shown that green tea extract containing EGCG reduces food uptake, lipid absorption, cholesterol, and leptin levels, and stimulates energy expenditure, fat oxidation, and high-density lipoprotein levels
  • Promotes skin health: Antioxidant activity of herbal phenolic acids present in green tea extract is well known. They may also be beneficial in preventing uv-induced oxygen-free radical generation and lipid peroxidation. Studies have also shown the photo-protective effects of green tea extract polyphenols on the skin damage induced by UV radiation

       Country Of Origin: India

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