THE BODY SHOP Sunshine Orange Lip & Cheek Stain 7.2ml

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Product Description

Revel in the luxurious experience of smooth and radiant skin with THE BODY SHOP Strawberry Shower Scrub. This invigorating scrub combines the sweet essence of ripe strawberries with exfoliating particles to cleanse, soften, and revitalize your skin. Pamper yourself with the delightful fragrance of strawberries while unveiling a renewed and glowing complexion.

About this Item

  1. Sweet Strawberry Fragrance: Immerse yourself in the sweet and fruity fragrance of fresh strawberries. THE BODY SHOP Strawberry Shower Scrub offers a delightful sensory experience that lingers on your skin, leaving it lightly scented.

  2. Exfoliating Particles for Smooth Skin: The shower scrub features exfoliating particles that gently slough away dead skin cells, revealing a smoother and more radiant complexion. Enjoy the benefits of exfoliation for silky soft skin.

  3. Nourishing and Cleansing Formula: This scrub is crafted with a nourishing and cleansing formula that not only exfoliates but also cleanses your skin. The combination of exfoliation and cleansing ensures a thorough and invigorating shower experience.

  4. 200ml of Skin-Revitalizing Goodness: The generously sized 200ml container provides an ample supply of the Strawberry Shower Scrub for regular use. Enjoy the benefits of exfoliation in a product that lasts.

  5. Enriched with Community Fair Trade Ingredients: THE BODY SHOP is committed to ethical sourcing. The Strawberry Shower Scrub may be enriched with Community Fair Trade ingredients, reflecting a commitment to positive impact on communities and the environment.

  6. Convenient Squeeze Tube: The shower scrub comes in a convenient squeeze tube, allowing for easy and mess-free dispensing in the shower. The practical packaging ensures a hassle-free application.

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