Royal Mirage Eau De Cologne Pure Oud Perfume Spray For Men 120ml

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Royal Mirage

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Royal Mirage Pure Gold Long Lasting Eau De Cologne Spray is a truly classic, unisex fragrance. Invigorating bergamot mingles with a leafy green accord to energize middle notes of iris, tuberose and dewy muguet.


  • Long-lasting Eau De Cologne spray that captivates your senses
  • Has lovely oudy notes that makes your day special
  • Unisex fragrance that appeals for all ages

Fragrance Notes:

  • Top Notes:Orange Flower, Lemon, Almond
  • Middle Notes:Jasmine, Rose, Geranium, Clove, Saffron
  • Base Notes:Leather, Cedarwood, Patchouli, Sensual Amber, Vanilla

About the Brand:Royal Mirage Perfume was launched in the fall of 1980 by owner Mahender M. Sabhnani. With its initial launch of the iconic Royal Mirage Original fragrance, the company quickly established itself as a market leader. With a reputation for innovation, research, and quality, the company has introduced dozens of products over the last three decades. Initially, the brand was recognised by only four mainstream fragrances established under the Royal Mirage brand: Original, II, Night, and Sport. With the continued success of the Royal Mirage brand, the company plans to expand into new territories, such as Africa and South America. Auxiliary goods such as roll-on deodorants, hand lotions, and an all-over body cream are being developed by Royal Mirage's creative research and development team.

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