rju Jeju Glow Boosting Body Lotion 200ml

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Product Description

The jeju glow boosting body lotion helps to provide hydration and brightness to skin. It's exotic ingredients, Hallabong and jeju white blossom, are sourced from the Jeju Island Region, which gently moisturise skin and have anti-oxidating properties.

About this Item

  • Enhance the health of your skin by providing it the goodness derived from the Jeju waters.
  • The moisturizing formula in the Jeju Glow Boosting Body Lotion endows the skin with a healthy dose of moisture and brightens it.
  • The exotic curated ingredients in this product are Hallabong Oil and Jeju White Blossom, sourced from the Jeju Island Region.
  • Tangerine Hallabong is a natural source of highly concentrated Vitamin C that improves skin clarity, while the Jeju White Blossom is a powerful natural anti-oxidant that has well accepted skin brightening and anti-inflammatory effects.

Country of Origin : India

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