rju Gangotri Oil Control Night Cream 50g

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Product Description

The Gangotri oil control night cream from rju is a brightening and soothing night cream. It's exotic ingredients, yashtimadhu and kesara, are sourced from the Gangotri Glacier Region and help fight acne, remove blemishes, promote scar healing, and reduce pigmentation. It's antiseptic and soothing properties help to relax the skin.

About this Item

  • The light texture of the Gangotri Oil Night Cream facilitates renewal of skin from the very first use.
  • The exotic curated ingredients in this product are Kesara and Yashtimadhu, sourced from the Gangotri Glacier Region.
  • Rich in Vitamins B and E, the herb Yashtimadhu has powerful antiseptic and soothing properties, reduces skin inflammations, clears skin, and reduces dark spots, while Kesara helps fight acne and blemishes, heals scars, reduces pigmentation, and evens skin tone.

Country of Origin : India

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