Plix Jamun Matte Screen SPF 50+ 50g

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Product Description

Shield your skin with Plix Jamun Matte Screen SPF 50+. This 50g sunscreen is formulated with the goodness of jamun extracts, providing broad-spectrum protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays. The matte finish ensures a non-greasy feel, making it ideal for daily use. Packed with SPF 50+, this sunscreen offers high sun protection while the jamun extracts nourish your skin. Elevate your sun care routine with Plix Jamun Matte Screen SPF 50+ for effective protection and a confident, matte finish.

About this Item

  1. Jamun Extracts: Infused with the benefits of jamun, this sunscreen not only protects but also nourishes your skin with natural goodness.

  2. Broad-Spectrum Protection: Plix Jamun Matte Screen SPF 50+ provides comprehensive protection against both UVA and UVB rays, safeguarding your skin from sun damage.

  3. Matte Finish: The sunscreen offers a matte finish, ensuring a non-greasy feel and making it suitable for everyday use.

  4. High SPF 50+: With SPF 50+, this sunscreen provides high sun protection, making it an essential part of your sun care routine.

  5. 50g Tube: Packaged in a 50g tube, this sunscreen offers a convenient size for daily application, allowing you to maintain effective sun protection.

Country of Origin : India 

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