Plix jamun Acne Marks Treatment Serum 30ml

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Unveil clear and flawless skin with Plix Jamun Acne Marks Treatment Serum. Enriched with the natural goodness of Jamun extracts, this potent serum is formulated to target acne marks and blemishes, promoting a more even and radiant complexion. The lightweight and fast-absorbing formula work harmoniously to fade marks, reduce redness, and rejuvenate your skin.

About this Item

  1. Jamun Extracts: Harnessing the power of Jamun extracts, known for their skin-brightening and antioxidant properties, to target and treat acne marks effectively.

  2. Acne Marks Treatment: Specifically formulated to fade acne marks and blemishes, promoting a more even skin tone and a visibly improved complexion.

  3. Lightweight Formula: The fast-absorbing and lightweight formula ensures easy application, allowing the serum to penetrate the skin quickly for optimal results.

  4. 30ml Bottle: Conveniently packaged in a 30ml bottle, providing a generous supply of the treatment serum for consistent and effective use.

  5. Reduces Redness: Plix Jamun Acne Marks Treatment Serum works to reduce redness associated with acne marks, promoting a calmer and clearer skin appearance.

  6. Rejuvenating Effect: The serum rejuvenates the skin, leaving it feeling refreshed and revitalized, enhancing your overall skin texture.

Country of Origin : India 

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