m caffeine Coffee Face Mist -Cherry Affair 50ml

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Product Description

Give your skin and spirits a fruity splash of energy & hydration! Every spritz of this face mist is a Cherrylicious treat blended with the delicate notes of Coffee to perk up your mood! No alcohol and zero irritation, just fresh & dewy skin with every spritz! We’ve bottled the goodness of antioxidant-rich Coffee & Caffeine to control oil, improve skin texture and tone skin. The goodness of calming Aloe Vera Juice and hydrating Hyaluronic Acid makes it your perfect companion, anytime and anywhere! Use it while on your couch, in the office, mid-flight, on your commute, or even better whenever you need that instant burst of hydration. Wear under or over makeup, your skin will absorb it like a big sip of water!

 About This Item 

  • Spray 3-4 times from 6-8 inches with your eyes closed
  •  Do not wipe. Let it air dry.
  •  Feel instant ‘ahhh’
  •  Reapply anytime, as there are no limits

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