GLOBAL BEAUTY SECRETS Tsubaki Blend Oil 20ml

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Product Description

A treasured Japanese beauty secret, Tsubaki or camellia oil is rooted in the sensorial beauty traditions of the geisha. The remarkable winter-blooming camellia flower is said to be the spirit home of deities on earth. Prized since centuries, camellia oil is the enigma behind geishas’ naturally flawless complexions and long, silky hair. Its history is entwined with that of the flourishing imperial capital Kyoto during the Heian era. 

About This Item

  • From the seed of the camellia tree comes the glorious, vibrant camellia oil.
  • Junko’s grandmother would seep her heirloom Miyabi or boxwood comb, in camellia oil and comb her hair till it shimmered like silk in the moonlight.
  • Honoring Junko’s cultural roots, our camellia enriched oil is a powerful blend that contains nourishing ecocert-certified ingredients, celebrating hair and skin’s incredible transformational ability.

Country Of Origin : India

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