DICORA Urban Fit Body Milk + Vitamin B (Almond & Nuts) 400ML Lotion

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Dicora Urban Fit

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Product Decription

Nourishing body milk that provides extra moisturizing care for a fit skin. It is ideal for people who perform intense physical activityNutritious with exquisite extract of walnuts and almonds. Vitamin B improves skin elasticity and helps to achieve high performance throughout the day. Cares for and protects the skin throughout the day. 

About This Item

  • Extra moisturizing care for a fit skin. ideal for intense physical activity
  • The vitamin b improves skin elasticity and helps to achieve high performance throughout the day
  • Infused with the goodness of almond & nuts
  • This light moisturizer has a soothing fragrance
  • It easily absorbs into the skin to lock moisture for 12 hours to give you soft, glowing skin
For intense nourishment - try the dicora almond & nuts body milk                                           

Country of Origin: Spain


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