Bio Health Sunlock Tinted Sunscreen 50gm

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Bio Health

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Product Description

Bio Health Sunlock Tinted Sunscreen combines effective sun protection with a touch of tint, offering a dual-purpose solution for your skincare and makeup routine. With an SPF suitable for daily use, this tinted sunscreen not only shields your skin from harmful UV rays but also provides a subtle tint for a natural, even complexion. The 50gm size makes it convenient for daily application and easy to carry for on-the-go sun protection with a hint of color.

About this Item

  1. Broad-Spectrum Sun Protection: Sunlock Tinted Sunscreen features broad-spectrum SPF to protect your skin from both UVA and UVB rays, helping prevent sunburn and premature aging.

  2. Subtle Tint for Even Complexion: The tinted formula provides a light and natural tint, offering coverage for minor imperfections and creating an even skin tone without the need for additional makeup.

  3. SPF Suitable for Daily Use: The sunscreen's SPF is suitable for daily use, making it an ideal addition to your morning skincare routine for protection against daily sun exposure.

  4. Hydrating and Moisturizing: Hydrating ingredients in the formula help keep the skin moisturized, contributing to a smooth and supple texture.

  5. Non-Greasy Texture: Sunlock Tinted Sunscreen likely has a non-greasy texture, ensuring comfortable wear without leaving a heavy or oily residue on the skin.

  6. Quick Absorption: The fast-absorbing nature of the tinted sunscreen allows for easy blending into the skin, offering a seamless finish.

  7. 50gm Size for Daily Use: The 50gm size is designed for regular and consistent application, providing enough product for daily use on exposed skin areas.

  8. Water-Resistant: The sunscreen may offer water-resistant properties, providing protection even during water-related activities. Reapplication is recommended after swimming or heavy sweating.

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