A Fragrance Story Eau De Parfum PINK CITY 50ml

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A Fragrance Story

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Product Description

Pink City's Feel Like Royalty fragrance. This deep fragrance is a member of the chypre oriental family and will make you feel exactly like a jaipur rajput. The hearty smell of oud wood and patchouli, intensified by the rich floral essence of rose, contributes to the fragrance's richness. Vanilla amplifies the richness of the rose while the earthy masculinity of black truffle preserves it. A prolonged richness that feels like a castle and gives you the impression of a king is added by oak moss and amber. 

About This Item 

  • Pink city - a fragrance from the floral oriental notes inspired by the historically rich traditions of jaipur
  • Key ingredients for the perfume: Saffron patchouli, rose, tree moss and oud wood
  • Eau de parfum - long lasting fragrance will last for 6-8 hours
  • Perfume quantity - 50 ml skin friendly the scent of pink city makes this perfume an ideal gift for women
  • Item Form: Liquid; Target Audience: Men & Women; Package Contents: 1 Pink city eau de parfum , 50 ml

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