ATULYA pure essential oil Jasmine Floral Fresh

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Essential Oil has multiple aromatherapy and topical uses, including as a beloved floral fragrance addition to skincare, haircare and laundry products. Used in massage oil, it's a calming complement to ease the effects of long, vigorous day. In a humidifier or diffuser, a few drops create a serene, moisturising aromatherapy mist in home, office, or exercise space. Our collection is extensive with fragrances as popular as lavender, unique as ylang ylang or rosemary or as fun as mandarin, rose or jasmine. All our oils are highly concentrated enhanced formulations ideal for crafting, body care and home care formulations.We offer our premium fragrance oils in 15 ml bottle sizes and you can get them in convenient combination sets of 2, 3, 5,9 or 11. With our elegant packaging, these sets make perfect gifts for the holidays, a wedding shower, or just-because.

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