Zayn & Myza Blink It! Mascara 8.5ml

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Zayn & Myza

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New ZM Blink This mascara comes with a 24-hour long lasting formula that allows you to stay stylish all day long. Smudge-Proof Mascara Brilliantly creates volume on every stroke, curling your eyes while adding length without sagging. It is free from chemical nasties like parabens and silicones and is being ophthalmologist tested to be safe to use. Blink it! The kajal contains castor oil and calendula extract to protect your eyelashes and keep them hydrated. The best part, it's also suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens users – one more reason for you to add this to your cart! Zayn & Myza is a new age brand that makes beauty and personal care products for today's people. Made of mother-in-law, class and no-nonsense.

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