WOW Skin Science Vitamin C Face Cream(50ml)

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Wow skin science vitamin C face cream is rich in omega 3 fatty acids and phytonutrients; helps to manage skin irritations, repair and nourish skin. It contains active vitamin C that helps to repair skin damage caused due to environmental exposure. It neutralizes free radicals that cause damage to the skin cell structure. Our vitamin C face cream contains essential fatty acid rich shea and cocoa butters that support skin’s natural sebum layer, improving skin texture. Argan, jojoba and almond oils rich in vitamins A and E help in skin renewal process and moisturization. Works beautifully on all skin types. Our vitamin C face cream contains no parabens, sulphate, color or silicones and helps to deliver maximum benefit.
Our vitamin c face cream restore radiance to your dull, tired skin. It help brighten your complexion and restore skin’s natural suppleness. Neutralizes skin damage that helps to avoid signs of skin aging. It gives a soft, vevety feel to skin, helping to keep dark spots in check. Daily use will ensure your skin is hydrated and nourished. It delivers deep hydration to your skin that helps to protect the skin’s natural moisture barrier. Our vitamin C cream is fast-absorb, non-sticky, and gives the skin a velvety finish. Can be used under makeup as a skin primer.

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