WOW Skin Science Anti-Acne Neem & Tea Tree Clay Face Mask(200ml)

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Help rejuvenate your oily skin and control acne flare-ups with WOW Skin Science Anti-Acne Neem Tea Tree Clay Face Mask. It helps to draw out deep-seated impurities and remove dead skin cells. This helps to refine and minimize pores. The mask helps to fade acne scars and remove patchy skin tone, giving you a clear, even complexion. It aids in controlling excess sebum production. This, in turn, helps to manage acne flare-up. It aids in restoring skin's natural moisture levels that improve skin elasticity and suppleness.

The mask is formulated with neem extract, tea tree essential oil, kaolin clay (white clay), jojoba oil, shea butter, hyaluronic acid and vitamins B3 and E. Neem extract is a natural skin protector that helps to keep skin irritations at bay, fights acne-causing germs and keep skin safe from pollutants and UV rays. Tea tree oil helps to control excess sebum and fight acne scars and manage redness and pimple outbreak. Your skin feels smoother and toned. Vitamins B3 and E help to repair skin damage and hyaluronic acid delivers deep hydration to the skin. The kaolin and bentonite clay help to tone and firm skin, and even out patchy complexion. Your skin gets a matte, velvety soft finish.

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