Whisper Ultra Soft Air Fresh Sanitary Pads for Women, XL, 15 Napkins

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Whisper Ultra Soft Air Fresh Sanitary Pads provide airy fresh feel for an irritation-free period. They have 500 air fresh pores that allow air to pass through while absorbing wetness. Now you can say goodbye to the 'icky, sticky' feeling during your periods!


  • Ultra soft sanitary napkins with 500 airfresh pores for airy freshness and irritation-free feel
  • Dual Action Gel works well to neutralize odours instead of masking them
  • Nearly 20% longer for more coverage vs. Whisper choice wings
  • Soft top sheet that is extra gentle on the skin
  • Soft pores drive liquid to the core and lock it away
  • Stretchable wings keep the pad in place
  • Imparts a delightful scent making you feel fresh all throughout the day
  • Dermatologically tested

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