Whisper Choice Xl 6s Sanitary Pads (6 Pads) Pack of 2

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Whisper Choice Regular Sanitary pads come with a revolutionary top-sheet that has larger holes that absorbs a lot more keeping the pad's surface clean and dry. Thus, your skin makes remains dry and keeps you feeling refreshed all day during this period. The dry cover keeps you feeling clean and dry; Dri- weave top sheet for faster absorbency, Super Absorbent Core absorbs at the centre, Stretchable wings to keep the pad in place, Protection for moderate to light period flow.


  • Contains magic gel that converts liquid into gel, offering long-lasting protection
  • Offers up to 100% protection from stains
  • Large wings help to keep the pad in place
  • Absorbs liquid very quickly
  • Offers soft and dry protection, reducing the discomfort

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