Whisper Bindazzz Nights Xl+ 27 Pads + 3 Free Pads

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Stay protected all throughout the night with Whisper Ultra Nights XL pads. These pads absorb liquid in seconds, so you can sleep easy and enjoy long-lasting freshness. Whisper sanitary napkins continue to make you feel unstoppable and feeling great at any age. They ensure that you do not need to feel any less confident during 'that time of the month'. These revolutionary Whisper Ultra Clean XL Plus Wings sanitary pads are designed especially for heavy periods and provide five times better protection* and are 40 percent longer** for extra coverage. Whisper Ultra Clean has you covered, so you can get on with the things you love without having to worry about your protection.



Whisper Ultra Clean XL sanitary pads provides superior long lasting protection
Nearly 40% longer, with a length of 317 mm, for extra coverage you can rely on
Five times better protection and absorbs liquid in seconds for lingering freshness
Wider back for better coverage to protect against back leakage throughout the day
The extra large wings ensure that the pad stays in place even when you're on the go
Soft dri-weave cover keeps you feeling dry and comfortable and prevents irritation
Complete with 100% odour lock gel technology and an added delightful scent

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